Saturday, September 6, 2008


After the wedding we had cocktail hour outside. Passion fruit margaritas and seafood to go around. It was awesome. Later we headed into the main room for dinner, dancing, and drinking!

After dinner the dance floor was packed most of the night.
Alan and Shelly
James with his long-time buddies Dino and Jason. Love the double fisted drinking going on!
Mom, my sister Erin, and me. James gave me a hard time the next day and said that Mom outpartied me. My excuse was a crappy cold and I only made it until about 10:30. What a weekend to get sick!


Katy said...

Did you Polly and Erin coordinate your outfits? The pic of the three of you is wonderful.

And of course you look gorgeous in the other new dress. Dad's looking pretty spiffy too! ;-)

Nannette, Steve and the creatures said...

Seriously ... you only made it until 1030 p.m. ... isn't that a late night out for you? ha ha

Lunch in 2010?